The Painterly Portrait

Instruction DVD Video for Photographers

Today's photography scene is very competitive to say the least. It is important that every tool available is used to set your products and services apart from the crowd. Digital painting may just be the tool that will do that. Not every photographer will take the time to learn these skills. Learning these skills are now within reach for the serious photographer. If you are like me, you want to know the specifics to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Learning the essentials of Corel Painter will allow you to create a painterly version of your portraits or simply polish that image to present the highest quality photographic portrait.  Don't be fooled by apps and software programs that promise instant results.  The results from these programs are almost instantly recognizable by even non photographers.  Begin your journey today with this easy to understand video illustrating only the information you need to know to best reach your goal.  The video is designed to help you, with simple instruction, reach your goal as quickly as possible.

Start today on your journey to The Painterly Portait.

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